The Waterman 52V.

Stephan LePodd, Explorer Extraordinaire, came upon a most peculiar cylindrical object in his extensive travels.

Waterman 52v
"O ho, a cylindrical orange object."

He decided to bring it to Mr. Head, his friend and Puissant Philosopher. Surely it had been machined by the survivors of a long-lost advanced civilization! Perhaps even the famed Atlantis. Why else would it have “Waterman” impressed upon it, if it had not once belonged to a man under water? LePodd’s mind positively whirled with possibility.

Waterman 52v
"It is quite heavy, this object. And shiny in places."

Upon seeing the object, Mr. Head gasped.

Waterman 52v
"But, my dear Explorer Extraordinaire! This is a Mystical Fountain Pen."

Stephan LePodd wiggled his tentacles. “You must be mistaken. Only a written description torn from the hem of a god’s robe mentions the Mystical Fountain Pen. There are no images of it anywhere in the Explorer Archives.” Mr. Head would not be swayed. “The description is very clear. A long cylinder with a metal band. We must twist it open to be sure.”

Waterman 52V
"By the Machinaria! You are indeed correct, Mr. Head."

The friends fell silent. “Now what?” said Mr. Head. “It is only the greatest scientific discovery in all of Mechtoria since, well, forever,” said LePodd. “I imagine it can… is the word ‘write’?”

“Let’s see,” said Mr. Head.

Waterman 52V
"We need a fleshy assistant to fashion the writing sample."

And that is how I, Fleshy Assistant, came to use the Mystical Fountain Pen. I noted that it was made of orange hard rubber. I filled it with ink suctioned from squidowls with the use of a golden lever. I also observed the code  “52V” – surely a cryptogram from Atlantis? – stamped onto its barrel end. The nib displayed amazing flexibility.

Waterman 52V
"There must be a way I can get this past the Sentry Wheel."

(To be continued.)