A-scavenging we will go.

“A-scavenging we will go, a-scavenging we will – what’s that?”

Moore 72 set with case
"But what is it?" Brody asked. Daisey shook her head. "Is it worth scavenging?"

The Scavengers didn’t like taking anything that wasn’t useful. Or edible. This object was certainly a puzzle. It seemed to be made of shiny, mustardy celluloid.

Moore 72 set with case
"It might be dangerous! Stand back!" shouted Cosmic Pennie.

The two Scavengers stared at Pennie. “Dude. It’s a box.” “Yeah. Chill.” Pennie snarled. “You don’t survive in the scavenging business being stupid,” she said.

Moore 72 set with case


Moore 72 set with case
"It's a Decepticon!" "Shut up, Brody."

They stared at the now-open case. It stared back. It did not attack. “Nah. It’s not a Decepticon.” “But it is still a puzzle!” The Scavengers decided to take drastic measures.

Moore 72 set with case
"Shiny thing, you're going DOWN."

Oh. A pen. And a pencil. “Well, that was a bit of a non-event, wasn’t it.” “Brody, shut up,” said Pennie and Daisey.

Moore 72 set with case
"It's a Moore 72 pen and pencil set in celluloid." "Ringtops, too."

“We could scavenge these for a pretty penny,” said Daisey. Pennie bristled. “I am so tired of that joke. It’s not even a joke.” She waved her Official Scavenger Rocket Pistol in the air. Daisey shrugged. “I can’t help it if you’re sensitive.” Brody said, “Guys, can we please get back to work?”

Moore 72 set in case
"The pencil says Moore Gold Filled Pat Oct-13 25." "The pen says The Moore Pen Co Boston USA."

They also noted the case said “Moore’s.”

“We found a Moore 72 set before,” said Brody. “It’s in the archives somewhere. Oh yes, here it is. I’ll go get it, then Daisey and I can get the Valuatrix to come over and valuate them.” “What am I supposed to do?” Pennie said.

Moore 72 sets
"This sucks."

When I arrived several rotations later, I found Pennie still sulking beside the pens.  Being the Valuatrix is hard work, contrary to what the Scavengers think.

Moore 72 writing sample
"Ah. A Maniflex nib. This one will be Of Value."

I stamped “Of Value” on the Scavengers’ slip and went on my way. I do hope they will find more pens. (And for Pennie to be a little less trigger-happy. What if she shoots a Waterman filigree overlay? Oh dear.)