Mnemosyne’s “Today’s Act” lets you live one tick box at a time.

Maruman’s Mnemosyne line takes its muse very seriously.


“Today’s Act” is a simple list and to-do notebook. It is slightly bigger than the small Moleskine, with a stiff plastic cover and double spiral binding.


In the don’t-leave-anything-to-chance spirit of the Japanese (remember, my Enveloop pen case came with a diagram), there is a bright yellow overleaf telling the user how to do a to-do list.


Around this time of year, National Bookstore, Fully Booked and other shops devote huge shelf space to planners and organizers. Moleskine has 6,328 variations on the planner: by size, by color, by month/week/day, landscape, horizontal, panoramic. I am drawn to them by a surge of hope, which every year submerges my native organizational inadequacy, only to evaporate around mid-January. So I’m fine with this. It is simple, I don’t feel the tyranny of every pre-printed date, and I can doodle on the unruled side.


I got mine from Kinokuniya in Singapore. I wish Maruman had an official distributor in the Philippines. The Mnemosyne line has some of the best paper stock around. The Imagination series (blank, landscape notebooks) is hoard-worthy.