The Koh-i-noor 7240 fountain pen.

I assume that’s the name because it’s the only one in the Koh-i-noor catalog. I ordered one out of curiosity. Koh-i-noor has always been an art brand to me, and I never thought they would have a fountain pen in their lineup.

The brushed silver-colored body with incised rings and the black accents conspire to give the pen a huge “junior executive who aspires to own a MacBook Pro one day” vibe. This pen is in the same league (and price range) as metal-body Inoxcrom pens. It flares out slightly at either end, a design touch that I like.

Koh-i-noor 7240 fountain pen

I had hoped the knob on the end with the clip would be a click button, but no. It’s where you post the cap.

Koh-i-noor 7240 fountain pen

Posting could make the pen uncomfortably long for smaller hands, but it makes sure the cap doesn’t roll about on your desk. The cap pops off. The section unscrews from the rest of the barrel so you can replace the cartridge or attach an international converter.

Koh-i-noor 7240 fountain pen

The nib is very smooth, and firm. If you’re looking for a starter pen, or a gift for someone whom you want to lead into fountain pen addiction, this is a good choice.

(Edited – my bad, it’s the 7240 according to this eBay listing.)