This year’s birthday pen is the Platinum higo zogan reissue.

I keep hearing “don’t mess with the zogan” in my brain. I hope it goes away soon.

The standard Platinum 3776 body is executed in ABS resin, with a brushed matte surface reminiscent of the Nakaya hairline finish. Higo-zogan, gold inlay on steel, is applied to the cap band. I chose the ginkgo pattern over the sakura. This pen is a reissue; Phthalo of FPN has the original, which came out in the 1970s.

Platinum hi-go zogan

You can see the texture of the gold inlay up close. Higo-zogan is used on sword fittings and even fashion accessories.


I quite like this shot of the nib with the ink pooled around the breathing hole in the shape of a smile. The ink is Private Reserve Cosmic Cobalt. Platinum kept the section shiny, but I wish they had given it a matte finish just like the rest of the pen. Still, the contrast in textures can also be pleasing.

Platinum fine nib

Here’s a tighter shot of the nib. I did have the option to choose a music nib for this pen, but chose a fine nib to make it more of a daily writer.

Platinum fine nib

As usual, the Platinum fine is smooth and silky. I’ll post doodle and writing samples in a follow-up entry.