The Raymay Studymate.

Raymay is a line of school products from Japan. Amongst wonders such as triple-pencil caps and what Google tells me is a “free babysitting service” but which seems more like a laser-etched nameplate, there is the Raymay Studymate. This is a plastic pencil extender with a built-in sharpener.

Raymay Studymate

Instructions on the back make it very clear how to use the Studymate even if you can’t read Japanese.

Raymay Studymate - back

The portion that threads onto the barrel secures the pencil so it doesn’t slip out during use. I tried it with a pathetic excuse for a pencil scrap.

Raymay Studymate with pencil stub

It held!

Pencil stub

Then I tried to sharpen the pencil and it crumbled. So on to the next victim.

A better pencil

The built-in sharpener makes an effective – though unexpected – counterweight.

Nice sharpener

The ribbed portion of the extender also felt good in the hand. I find myself reaching for the Studymate now when I need a pencil. I’m sure the Kuru Toga and the Lamy Scribble are pouting in their case.


I found the Raymay Studymate in the stationery section of Kinokuniya. For an impulse buy, it’s earned its keep.