Top 10 tips for doodlers.

1. Cross all t’s with a brave, tension-releasing flourish.

What you want is never

2. The alphabet comes in handy for making words.


3. When you run out of alphabet, try squiggles.

souls for sale

4. Body parts are fun and easy. So are skulls. Which are technically body parts but can also qualify as accessories.

Evil ballet shoes

5. If squiggles make you seasick, resort to cross-hatching.

The story had to be written


Even if we blink

7. Draw only one eye. This simple trick lets you allot precious doodling minutes to more important objects like hair and leaves.

Lots of hair and leaves

8. Brackets add a whiff of historical importance to any doodle.

The tragedy of knowing it all

9. Doodle subtitles first, as titles are harder to come by.

Open civilities

10. When in need of further relaxation, doodle dragons. (Do not doodle on dragons, as this will produce the opposite effect.)

dragon doodle