Pilot Custom Heritage 91.

This is a limited edition release from Pilot inspired by its Iroshizuku line of inks. The Custom Heritage 91 feels like the Custom 74 only with flat ends, and with less nib variety.

Because I am a big fan of the Iroshizuku yama-guri (mountain chestnut, a brown verging on black) and yama-budo (wild grape, an intense purple) shades, I decided to get the matching pens. This is like buying a leather bag to match a bra – theoretically possible, and quite likely enjoyable, but not the first thing that comes to mind.

Pilot Custom Heritage 91

There is a lot of activity in the fashion pen segment in Japan, as seen in the latest releases from Pilot and Sailor. The Sailor Pro Gear line, in particular, has seen an explosion in variants – pink demonstrator, mica on blue, slimmer, shorter, Hello Kitty. Pilot reintroduced the Elabo in more fashion-friendly body colors. I’d like to see more matching shades in the Custom Heritage 91 line. (Yu-yake would be like the orange Capless, only juicier.)

This image comes closest to their color in real life:

Pilot Custom Heritage 91

I chose a fine nib for the yama-budo and a fine-medium for the yama-guri. The nibs are #5 Pilot nibs, the same size as the ones found on the Custom 74, and rhodium-plated to match the sword clip and cap and barrel trim. The nib has a little give. Not enough for flex, but certainly enough to make doodling a delight.

yama-guri writing sample

The nib on the yama-budo still needs cleaning. I went ahead and inked it anyway.

yama-budo writing sample

Happy happy joy joy.