Resisto is futile!

(Title by TAO)

I collect (although not with any focus or direction) vintage dip pen nibs, and two boxes came in the mail last week, from Greece.

Dip pen nibs

Redonda and Resisto. They sound like a pair of supervillains down on their luck trying out the comedy circuit.

Dip pen nibs

The Resisto is similar to a Speedball A, with a fat round tip and a blued metal reservoir. The Redonda is a two-tined nib, a thick and a thin tine, both with slits. Both nibs are for decorative writing.

Resisto sample

I liked the Resisto’s reservoir so much that I slipped it off the original nib and tried it with a Tachikawa G. Reservoirs allow nibs to load more ink with every dip, and well-designed ones even help regulate flow.

Resisto reservoir on Tachikawa G nib

This is from one dip. Not bad at all.

Tachikawa G with Resisto reservoir

The Redonda, not to be outdone, decided to be a bit of a showoff.

Redonda sample

All this dip nib action made me look for my old Ackerman pump pen and install a Tachikawa G in it, but not before I disassembled the pen and made reparations for my awful treatment of it in the past. (Which mostly involved not rinsing after using.) That’s for another entry.