Derwent Safari.

This is the Derwent Safari. The cover is thick fabric given a suede-like treatment with obvious grain. It’s around 17 x 12 cm, and has 80 sheets of 200 gsm paper.

Derwent Journal

The inside front cover has a flap. The back has a pocket.

Derwent inside front

The sheets inside are thick and sturdy. Fountain pen ink, watersoluble graphite, Tria alcohol-based markers, watercolor – so far so good. Here’s a sketch of our old piano, done in pencil, Noodler’s Eel Black in my Oldwin, with warm gray fills courtesy of Tria markers.

Derwent - ink sketch with marker

A sky reminiscent of BEMs and space operas, done in Tria markers. There is bleedthrough (because alcohol markers always do that).

Derwent - Tria

Derwent - Tria

Watercolor tends to pool on the surface of this paper, which is very smooth. It’s good for texture. This quickie was done first in pencil, inked with Pilot Iroshizuku fuyu-syogun, then colored with W&N palette remnants and a waterbrush.

Derwent - watercolor