Something Oldwin, something new.

I couldn’t resist grinding the nib of the Oldwin down to a fine. All Oldwin pens have medium nibs. It’s not a bad thing, but medium nibs are not my thing. And I wanted to see if the flex would be more noticeable.

Oldwin Newwin

I have it down to half of its previous width, but the tipping is so generous at the bottom that I don’t have a regular fine, more of a fine zoom. I’m happy. I am also untrained in technical matters that should be left to professionals with twenty years in the nib business – which contributes in no small way to my happiness. (Not knowing any better is the key to happiness. Trust me.)


Yes, there is more line variation than before. When held at a higher angle to the paper, the nib narrows to almost an extra fine. I did not do that on purpose. I managed it because my eyeglasses slipped down and rendered me half-blind at just the right time.  This illustration is the Oldwin’s new fine nib with Noodler’s Eel Black and Derwent Graphitint, used both wet and dry, in a Derwent Journal.