This is a Tenba wrap. It is padded and has velcro on each corner. It was meant for small camera lenses and accessories, but I thought it would make a secure, though unusual, wrap for pens. Because it’s a simple wrap, there are no separators for pens. Daily users won’t mind, but maki-e might. Here is the Tenba 10″ wrap with sample pens.

Tenba 10" wrap

And here it is partly folded. Part of the attraction of these wraps for me is how they make me think of ultramodern furoshiki.

Tenba wrap, folded

The pens are snug and cozy. They don’t move around.

Grumbacher kit

This is an old Grumbacher plastic container. I think it used to have oil paint tubes in it, but that’s just a guess. It came to me like this. The Tenba-wrapped pens fit neatly inside, together with the Derwent Safari sketch journal, my W&N watercolor box, a couple of pencils and a Pentel Aquash waterbrush. I think I could still fit a few more supplies inside (like my knetgummi eraser).

Grumbacher box

The box is old. I never did remove the blotches of acrylic on it. I don’t think I will. Blotches that survive 3 houses, 3 jobs and innumerable adventures deserve to stay.