Hey ho – pens for sale!

I’m letting go of pens that aren’t seeing much use or love, and I hope you can give them a home. All pens are used, so expect micro scuffs, etc.  The pens will ship from Manila, so a flat USD15 covers EMS to wherever you are.  I will also send you hearts and doodles.  Email me (leighpod at gmail) if you want more details or pictures, or to confirm your purchase. I will wrap the pens well, but will need to ask more to cover shipping if you want the box! (Please say you don’t want the box.)

From left to right:

Bexley Submariner Grande in Butterscotch, fine steel nib. Discontinued. That metal section can get pretty cold! But it sure is pretty. USD140. SOLD.
TWSBI Mini Clear, broad nib. The piston cover has a little play, but it doesn’t affect how the pen fills. USD40. SOLD.
TWSBI Aluminum 580, EF nib. The cap has a little ink stain, I think. It could still come out. USD50. SOLD.
Sailor Pro Gear Lamé Purple, (is there a pro gear mini? this is small) hard M-F 14k nib. USD135. SOLD.
Bexley Tuckaway in cracked ice, broad nib. This one has blue stains because I tried to use it as an eyedropper. It is ridiculously short when unposted and ridiculously long when posted. I’m sure someone out there will love this pen for its unique qualities. 😀 USD30.SOLD.
Taccia Savannah in lighter horn, medium steel nib. I will look for the slim leather zip pouch that came with it. USD160. WITHDRAWN FROM SALE.
Pelikan M800 in Tortoise with factory Broad Italic nib. USD560. (The broad italic nib does not come standard with the M800 so I got it at a premium.) (And because the pencil’s been sold, I will figure out another gift for you.) SOLD.
Parker Cisele propelling pencil, USD15. Or take it as a gift when you get the M800. :)  SOLD.

Pens for Sale October 2014
Pens for Sale October 2014

Here’s a tighter shot of the stained Tuckaway:

Bexley Tuckaway
Bexley Tuckaway (blue stains)

And the Italic Broad:

Pelikan Italic Broad
Pelikan Italic Broad