The Osmiroid Drawing Pen Set.

You know how people band together to petition companies to bring back products?

I’m sure we won’t get enough to bring back the Osmiroid Drawing Pen Set, but for the sake of entry-level fountain pen obsessionistas, we should try. Where else can you get a nib with an overfeed, a medium stub and a copperplate nib in one package, together with a lever-filling pen body?

Osmiroid Drawing Pen Set

Seven assorted nibs. This was a great find on eBay, what I like to call a blurry photo win.

7 nibs in one package

These are compatible with Esterbrook Renew-Points, according to Richard’s Pens (scroll down), but I haven’t tried that. There are more than enough nibs here for hours of playtime: Rola Extra Fine, Rola Hard Fine, Rola Soft Fine, Rola Hard Medium, Rola Soft Medium, Copperplate and Sketch.

Sketch nib

I do have another Sketch nib in another Osmiroid. This one has most of the iridium intact, but it feels like it was the most-used one in the group.

Comparison: Medium Hard vs Medium Soft

The “hardness” or stiffness of the nib is achieved by changing the shape. The soft medium has sloping shoulders to allow the nib to feel “soft” while in use, whereas the hard nib has broad shoulders that taper to a stub-like shape. Even the feeds are different.

Feed comparison

Is there enough difference in the way the nibs write to make each one valuable for someone who loves to draw?

Sample - all

Like most nib choices, it comes down to 1) feel in the hand during writing and 2) line on paper. The Sketch nib is slightly oblique, slightly stubby, and semi-flex.

Sketch nib sample

I’ve enlarged all these samples for a better appreciation of the quality of the lines.

Fine/Extra Fine writing sample

The Copperplate nib has very long tines, which allow it to become semi-flex, even if the metal itself feels like thick steel.

Copperplate / Rola Medium Hard sample

The medium hard and medium soft stubs don’t look that different on paper, as you can see. The difference is in how they feel while being used. The medium hard feels like a steel calligraphy nib; the medium soft feels closer to a standard gold nib.

Rola Medium Hard / Medium Soft sample

I got mine for less than USD 50 on eBay. Good luck hunting down your set – it’s worth it.