Man Luen Choon – the loot.

I couldn’t buy everything. Damn.

I tried to describe what I wanted in a brush – as if I knew – to the helpful lady in Man Luen Choon. I said, “Bouncy.” And “I’m just starting.” She said, “Wolf.” So I got wolf. In small, medium and large. I also decided to get an auspicious dragon wolf (because it was auspicious) and a large mixed-hair brush whose other end was pointed bamboo, to mark outlines on paper before painting.


Here’s the pointy end. It even has a breathing hole! I don’t know why.

Pointy-end brush

This is a suspension of some sort. It makes special effects when mixed with sumi ink.

Special effect liquid

It can be applied directly onto paper, or mixed with ink before application.

Ink ink

I also bought a notebook.

4-line notebook

It has rectangles inside. I assume they’re for quatrains. 😉 I can’t use them properly, so I intend to play with them in my own way.

4-line notebook

These are very thin, delicate sheets.


When held up to the light, it is clearly watermarked.


I tried to use the watermark as a guide, but I need x-ray vision to make it work.

So far, the bigger brushes seem to make the finer lines. Go figure.

Brushes drying

I’m not good at this! Gah. The chop is a gift from my friend and ex-accomplice in advertising, Trisha.

Running away with petals

I pretended to make a dragon. Here’s a much better one (video).

Are you a dragon? Are you?

There’s so much to learn. Dear universe, please lighten my hand, steady my shoulder, and unfog my glasses.