Sailor King Cobra. Hisssssss.

Sailor’s Nagahara specialty nibs are feats of engineering, and just like other feats of engineering, like bridges and giant tangles of metallic modern art in parks,  sometimes they look mighty weird. Take, for example, the King Cobra.

Nagahara nib - King Cobra

The King Cobra is actually two nibs. The bottom nib has a very wide tip, the upper nib one slightly narrower, coming to a rounded point.

King Cobra nib - underside

Viewed from behind, the nib reminds me of a pharaoh’s cap, neatly crowning a black plastic feed. (Hey! Pharaoh -> Cleopatra -> asp -> cobra! Okay. I’ll stop now.)

King Cobra, flexing

This is a nib I wish were installed in a piston filler, because the poor converter holds barely enough ink for a day. The nib also flexes. But why I would flex it, when it is clearly at least a 6B, is like asking why pop a snake in a rope jar and make it dance to Bollywood pop.

Writing comparison

If you’re looking for line variation, the King Cobra is not for you. I would suggest the King Eagle, or even the Cross Music. The King Cobra lays down a consistent-width, wet line.

Doodle sample

Aside from having the boldest signature on the shareholders’ minutes, you can also doodle large, shade with impunity and strike fear into the heart-shaped breather holes of medium nibs.