I love that word. “Contraption.” You can almost see the string tying together the bolts and ratchets and flanges. Today we have two contraptions. One holds pens. The other is a pen.

The Muji pen holder can slide onto most notebook covers. It fits very securely on a standard hardcover Moleskine. Wire hoops stretch to snugly hold pens and pencils. I usually have it on a Muji kraft cover notebook.

Muji pen holder

Today it holds a variation on the Pilot Plumix. Its shape reminds me of a squid, so let’s call this the squid pen. It’s made of plastic. This is the black version, but I also have it in clear.

Pilot pen in Muji holder

The squid pen has a short cap, and a grip area with curved depressions to accommodate fleshy fingers. I think this is meant to be ergonomic, but it only works for those who hold their pens properly. I never have. That doesn’t mean it’s uncomfortable. In fact, it makes the pen more amusing. An ergonomic contraption!

Squid pen in hand

The Pilot Plumix, which is also sold as the Pluminix, usually comes with fine or medium italic nibs. These metal nibs are interchangeable, and you can remove this one and pop it into your Pilot Prera, for example. This nib is an extra fine, with the smoothness you expect from Pilot. Plus it has a squid-shaped head with two red eyes. If only for that you should find room for it in your daily arsenal.