You’ve been “tsubiboed.”

This is the new expression making the rounds of the
creative department.

I experienced it
firsthand two nights ago. Arnel (the originator of the term) told me this idea
he had for a commercial. It wasn’t good. Well, I thought it was going somewhere
and then it just…stopped. I stared at Arnel blankly. He stared back at me,
then sketched a circle in the air.

exclaimed, “You’ve been tsubiboed!”

tsubibo, for my non-Tagalog speaking readers, is a ferris

So there you are, chasing after
this idea, spinning it out of your mouth as it’s gaining momentum in your head,
and you know it’s something really way up there, something fantastic and worthy
of remembering on behalf of your yet-to-be-born-grandchildren, it’s really that
great, and just as you’re almost there, riding high on adrenalin and the
possibility of fame and glory, the friggin’ ferris wheel goes down. Down down

You’ve been