When I got home from work, Bit was dressed and mom
was cradling Lucien. Bit said, “We’re taking him to the hospital.” I dropped to
my knees to stare at my baby – he looked normal, asleep as usual. Bit said he’d
kicked so hard while he was in the carrier that he almost fell to the floor. His
head hit the edge of the carrier. This had happened earlier, around 5 in the
afternoon. When mom arrived a couple of hours later, she felt a bump on Luc’s
head. So they decided to bring him to the hospital for an

I shrilled, “Let’s go!” Mom said
hold on, she needed to get dressed. I held Luc to my chest and felt tension
creeping throughout my body. Still, he looked peacefully asleep, occasionally
sucking his pacifier, so I tried not to worry. We went downstairs and found a
cab, then when we got to UERM, went up the stairs to the x-ray room.

He had to have three x-ray plates done.
The plates were slid under a cotton blanket on which his head rested. It was
impossible to keep his head still! The technician made me and Bit put on these
heavy full-body lead aprons which must have weighed 30 pounds. I sang and
trilled away at Luc while holding him on either side of his mouth, as the
technician had instructed. He didn’t like having his head held firmly, and hated
me trapping his hands in place, and kept wailing and spitting out his pacifier.

Finally it was over. I fed Luc while we
waited for the x-ray results. We were all relieved when the verdict came out
normal, save for a slight swelling near his forehead. So we just have to observe
him. But he sucked well, and fell asleep soundly in the cab on the way home. So
I think he’s going to be all right, with all the resiliency of

I’ll peek in on him later and
see if he’s glowing in the dark. Maybe he’ll have superpowers when he wakes up.