Gush, gush, gush.

Thanks to Chiqui, Teye and Kayen, Lucien
now has a “Petite Jungle” – a camping crib-playpen-diaper-changing-station
transformer. Here I am encouraging Lucien to crawl by shaking his rattle and
telling him to go get it. The wee one snuffled and squirmed and tried, and
managed to move all of one inch! Of course any Luc achievement is greeted with
excited claps and shrieks by we his loyal minions. We are mere pooper

He lords it over everyone in
the house. We all drop whatever we’re doing if he so much as squeaks. I keep
thinking of the Fates, and Daniel, in the Sandman story. We’re pretty complete
in here: maiden, mother, crone, and little Lord Lucien.