Melissa’s 10-song tag.


I had to keep pressing “refresh” because my
iTrip stations kept showing

What is the total amount of
music files on your computer?

You’re not reading that wrong, I have almost
19 gigabytes of music in my Mac. Time to file them somewhere

The last CD you bought

Assorted nursery rhymes (P150.00!) for
my little angelmonster

What was the last song
you listened to before this message?

and the Moon by Joseph Arthur, from the album Redemption’s

Five songs that you listen
to a lot or mean a lot to you:

Honey and the Moon by Joseph Arthur

made out of blood and rust/looking for someone to trust without a fight/I think
that you came too soon/You’re the honey and the moon that lights up my night/But
right now/Everything you want is wrong/And right now/All your dreams are waking
up/And right now/I wish I could follow you/To the shores of freedom where no one

2. Blue by Joni

“Blue, songs are like tattoos/You
know I’ve been to sea before/Crown and anchor me/Or let me sail away/…Well
there’s so many sinking now/You’ve got to keep thinking that/you can get through
these waves/Acid, booze and ass/Needles, guns and grass/Lots of laughs/Lots of
laughs/Everybody’s saying that hell’s the hippest way to go/I don’t really think
so but I’ll take a look around

3. Deacon Blues by Steely

“You call me a fool/You say it’s a
crazy scheme/This one’s for real/I already bought the dream/So useless to ask me
why/Throw a kiss and say goodbye/I’ll make it this time/I’m ready to cross that
fine line/I’ll learn to work the saxophone/I’ll play just what I feel/Drink
Scotch whisky all night long/And die behind the wheel/They got a name for the
winners in the world/I want a name when I lose/They call Alabama the Crimson
Tide/Call me Deacon Blues.”

4. 16
Miles by Boo Hewerdine

“Did you ever see
London at night/And not want to go home?/Did you ever take drugs, stay up
late/Just to see what you would see?/Did you ever have love and hate/Scratched
across your hand?…Did you ever want to kiss me/So hard it bled?/Did you ever
find yourself laughing/in the middle of the day?/Did you ever think about the
first time/That I came in you?/Or did you turn around/with 16 miles to
go?/…And all those lives/We’ll never know/If we turn around with/16 miles to

The Beauty of the Rain by Dar

“And you know the light is fading
all too soon/It’s just two umbrellas, one late afternoon/You don’t know the next
thing you will say/This is your favorite kind of day/It has no walls/The beauty
of the rain/Is how it falls, how it falls, how it falls…And you can’t deny
this room will keep you warm/You can look out of your window at the storm/But
you watch the phone and hope that it will ring/You’ll take her any way she
sings/Or how she calls/The beauty of the rain/Is how it falls, how it falls, how
it falls.”

Who are you gonna pass
this stick to? (3 persons and why)

1. McVie
Itinatanong pa ba kung bakit?

2. Marlon – Because I know he listens to artists
other than Aaron Kwok.

3. Budj
Because he asked me what song tagging was, and now he can find out for