Google shows you results based on its PageRank technology.

The web geek in me is quite pleased that
googling (leigh reyes) and (“leigh reyes”) both show this blog as the most
relevant search result. Yay. (Achieving the top ranking for terms relevant to
you is something many advertisers would give half their A&P budget for.) The
other, less relevant results include a photographer, a couple of teenagers, and
many naked celebrity pictures.

not-so-inner voyeur also enjoys googling old flames (and old semi-flames,
quarter-flames, and other permutations thereof). This doesn’t work, obviously,
when these men have no internet life whatsoever, or if they’re merely feeding
off the ‘net and not giving back (one compulsive porn parasite comes to mind),
or if no one has bothered to write anything at all about

A very typical expat fling turned
nasty, this guy quite fittingly found a way to make money off his and other
expats’ flings. Major SPG (Sarong Party Girl) action, and quite a lot of FILTH
(Failed in London, Try Hongkong) moments are compiled in his books. I read the
comments left by other expats on the site, and
they made me want to take a bath with an extra-heavy-duty loofah. “What do you
like about being an expat?” A Brit in the Philippines answered, “Soooooo much
pussy…and only one dick!” This would not normally irk me, but whoever believes
that expat-local relationships are all fair and equal does not live on my
planet. There are exceptions, and when they happen, I am delighted to hear of
them, and more than happy to dance at their

I was all set to google other
guys when I realized I’d forgotten their surnames.

Ah well. It’s probably a good thing.