“Nagmumurang kamatis.”

Translated: a tomato trying to be

Fluorescent pink plastic disc
earrings. Three-tiered electropleated tunics in chrome yellow and aquamarine.
Flounced hems and asymmetric closures. Dear Lord, the eighties are so back. I am
half-expecting a shoulder pad to come out and assault

Today I wore a polka-dotted red skirt
with razor pleats, and a yellow pleated tunic with a black-and-white polka dot
ribbon tied around one shoulder, and white pointed clogs with brass studs. I was
not arrested.

Now I know what the
40somethings felt when bellbottoms and Dacron shirts came back in the

Well, I shan’t be able to get away
with this for much longer, so I’m going to milk as much fashion mileage out of
it as I can. Not that it is easy to become nostalgic over shiny yellow acrylic
buttons on an off-shoulder fuchsia sweatshirt. But a woman can only