Sweet dreams – not.

This should teach me not to sleep early, wake up,
then sleep again. It upsets my neurons. It so upset me that I had to eat (!) a
chocolate tablea. (This would be cocoa powder pressed into cylinders and then
sliced into chunks. One normally drops this in water and boils entire thing over
the stove, adding sugar and perhaps a pinch of cinnamon. One does not eat this.
Unless one is upset.)

I dreamt I was in
bed with a man I thought I loved, and he asked if we could change the way we
were lying down so that our heads were parallel to the door. (This is not good
feng shui. A friendly reminder from this station.) I agreed. He then, much to my
shock, called in his friends and instructed them to (in this order) gang-bang
me, cut me into pieces, and sacrifice me to their evil lord and master. And then
I thought, I have to wake up now, otherwise I’ll die in my

Being conscious you’re dreaming
is peculiar, especially if you go to sleep without preparing for it. I’ve
experienced lucid dreaming, when I’ve suggested to my brain what kind of dream
to have, then nudged the dream where I wanted it to go. I do it rarely; it is
not a refreshing sleep.

But this – it
was like being two persons simultaneously. One person had a totally different
history, personality, body. She loved the man in the dream, had been in a
relationship with him for years, and was a bit of a rabbit – she didn’t read
much, she liked pink, she was in her early twenties. And when I became
conscious, she got startled. It was very difficult to get out of the dream, but
impending death provides excellent motivation. When I finally blinked my eyes
open and saw my room, I knew I couldn’t go back to

So here I am, full of chocolate
tablea, distracting myself with iTunes and beauty product reviews, doing my Coke
and smoke, spritzing my neck with Korres Vanilla-Cinnamon Body Water and waiting
for the sky and the rest of the city to catch up with me.