One of the quieter fragrances in the Etro line,
Heliotrope’s notes are listed as orange blossom, rose and jasmine, on a base of
vanilla. What I smell first is almond, with almost indefinable wisps of flowers.
The tiny card draped around the bottle’s neck says it exalts the spirit like a
15th century sonnet. I vacillate between floral and foody scents, most days, and
this fragrance is a fine airy walk between both. It is far from persistent, and
I find myself reaching inside my bag for the bottle and spraying every two hours
or so, but I don’t mind.

My passion
for fragrance is curiosity for experience. I want to know what happens when. I
believe in the power of curiosity to transform the habits of our lives into
peepholes into mystery. I want to see the fantastic in the mundane, the attar
waiting in the rose.