Thanks to Roach (my
pop-culture-mall-fashion-fiction-what’s up navigatrix) for telling me about

Stars is an anthology of original
science fiction stories based on the songs of Janis Ian. Janis is best known in
the Philippines amongst people of a certain age for “At Seventeen.” As both
science fiction whore and Janis Ian fan, I am the perfect target. To find the
hardcover in Powerbooks this afternoon was a wonderful, wonderful thing. It’s
the perfect title, too.

There are writers here I haven’t read
in years. Spider Robinson, Jane Yolen (whose story, Ride Me Like a Wave, was
inspired by one of my favorite songs on the Breaking Silence album, which also
happens to be one of Stereophile magazine’s best-produced albums of all time,
and I can’t seem to find it now, which would normally throw me into a Monk-ish
frenzy, except the dawn was gentle and gray and I am willing myself into
calmness), Diane Duane… I am saving this book for an empty day, because I know
I will not want to talk to anyone, and will probably not even eat.