Christmas Eve fragrances.

Go on, get yourself a gift. Fragrance is a gift that
unwraps memories, and makes you fumble for words where your brain can’t make

L’Occitane Vanilla should be in
every woman’s fragrance wardrobe. It is sweet, but not too sweet; it wears
beautifully; and it layers well with many other scents. Add some oomph to your
typical citrus Spanish splash-on cologne by spraying it on first. Or layer it
with L’Artisan’s Jour de Fete (marzipan), or Diptyque Philosykos (fig). Yes, it
is good to smell edible. Or if you want to bring out your inner Venus flytrap,
try it with the Body Shop’s White Musk. Really. For some reason this combination
smells like you’re out to club a man on the head and drag him

L’Artisan Premier Figuer. A must
for fans of green, fresh, indefinably-there scents.

Keiko Mecheri Sanguine Eau de Parfum.
The natural step up from your typical citrus Spanish splash-on cologne. Blood
oranges anchored by musk – grown-up, fresh, sparkling. This layers surprisingly
well with Michael Kors, most green tea scents, and Acca Kappa’s Muschio Blanco
(yet another one of those white musk variations, less “baby powdery” compared to
the Body Shop’s). You can also spray this on your hair to remove eau de

L’Or de Torrente.
Fruits and coffee. Trust me on this one. This is one of the sexiest fragrances I
own, and while certainly your own body chemistry will have a lot to say about
it, the heart of L’Or de Torrente is warm, caramelized sensuality.

Now on to the classics and

Chanel Cristalle. I find
myself coming back to this fragrance. It is crisp, floral, fresh, sheer, leaving
enough room for your own scent to transform it.

YSL Baby Doll. Sweet, fruity, fresh – a true
warm weather fragrance, and quite unobjectionable at work. Easy.

Donna Karan Black Cashmere. Spicy, deep,
oriental, woody, incense-y, strong. The Darna of designer perfumes. Like another
woman on MUA, I miss Chaos, though. If you find yourself drawn to what is
traditionally considered a “masculine” scent, you would like