More collaborations please.

Social networks not only connect those who share interests, but those who can create together.

Big brand and entertainment partnerships make the most commercial impact – think Sheaffer’s affordable Star Wars-themed pens, the more high-end Cross versions (I must admit that the Boba Fett fountain pen made me look twice), Montegrappa x Game of Thrones, Everybody x Moleskine…

I succumbed to Char Aznable x Sun-Star.

Yes I totally caved and got a #gundam #charaznable fountain pen. ☺️☺️☺️

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Individual creators and hobbyists might not have enormous entertainment properties, but you’d be surprised at the engagement they have within their own communities. Collaborations find their own market at their own unique intersections. After a successful outing with artist Joey Feldman, Retro 51 released another limited edition with Bioworkz (both through Vanness).

@retro1951 @bioworkz limited edition from @justvanness – practical magic. ☺️

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Ryan Krusac, a creative penmaker whose signature is intricate detail and exquisite natural materials, collaborated with Bill Weakley on a tiny batch based on Parker Duofold Centennial clips and nibs.

He also partnered with Fountain Pen Day on a special edition of the Legend in size 14 and 16. The ebony wood strikingly contrasts with the light turquoise accents. (You can still order the pen at

Pen community enabler Thomas R. Hall (@penucopia) worked together with Franklin-Christoph on a project for charity. The result was the TH20, a Franklin-Christoph Model 20 with a finial made of Tibaldi Impero celluloid. (Do inquire with them directly if another run will be made.)

For those who admire calligraphy, Dr. Joe Vitolo and Yoshi Nakama of 18111 Pens designed Birds of Paradise. It features Dr. Vitolo’s bird flourish and a rollstop in the shape of a quill.

Some of you may recall that ‘Birds of Paradise’ themed pen that I designed with Yoshi Nakama of 18111 Pens? Well, it is done! The specs on this oversized (16 mm) ‘Birds of Paradise Pen’ themed pen are: 1) An oversized (16 mm) Birds of Paradise Pen 2) JoWo #8 – 18k Fine Nib 3) Shape in the style of a Nakaya Long Piccolo 4) Gold plated Quill Roll-stop This was meant to be a 'Birds of Paradise' themed pen. It was not meant to be a specific pen shape or color combination. Ask Yoshi Nakama about the options if you are interested in purchasing one. Please contact him directly at: NOTE: I contributed the bird and quill designs freely. I make no profit from the sale of Yoshi's 'Birds of Paradise' themed pens. Yoshi also has my permission to freely use the theme for anyone who desires it. #calligraphy #copperplate #penandink #penmanship #handlettering #handwriting #flourishing #pointedpen #spencerian #fountainpen #iampeth #nationalhandwritingday #fountainpenday

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This wasn’t, strictly speaking, a collaboration – but I was confident that putting together Shawn Newton’s Prospector model and Bokumondoh’s wicked urushi and raden skills would result in a pen I would love.

I've run out of thoughtful captions. 😊 Enjoy the emoji: ⏺⏺⏺⭕️⭕️⭕️⚪️⚫️⚪️

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Collaborations in the community aren’t limited to pens. We’ll be seeing more approaches like the Nock Co. x One Star Leather Fodderstack.

There are many more out there that I’ve missed, I’m sure. Which collaborations would you like to see in the future? Comments welcome, as always.