What not to do at your first pen show ever ever.

Do not run around and squeal and behave like it’s your first pen show ever ever. Even if you see many, many beautiful pens.

But but all those pens!

Do not even think of going out for food or air if you value your place in Mike Masuyama‘s nib magic queue.

2015-04-24 16.02.34

Do not buy more ink than what your baggage allowance can cover.

2015-04-24 15.58.11
Califolio and Akkerman inks from Vanness, various ink swatches from Anderson Pens
Do not bypass the parts bins!

2015-04-24 15.33.27

Do not miss the chance to hug people you previously knew only as avatars, email addresses, or podcast voices.

2015-04-24 15.32.09
Hi, Lisa Anderson of Anderson Pens! Hi, Fiorellas of Pendemonium! Hi, Brad (Penaddict) and Mike (RelayFM)! Also in pictures, über-enabler TRHall.
Do not leave the Franklin-Christoph booth without trying all the tester nibs (and inks!) and singing happy birthday to resident nibmeister Jim Rouse.

2015-04-24 16.13.45
One of the busiest tables at the pen show!

Do not be shy, because everyone else probably is too. However, be reassured that shiny objects (and a party van) can lure introverted pen people out of their invisible caves. Thank you to Nock Co. for Sassafling15!

Sassafling15 at Nock Co.
Sassafling15 at Nock Co.

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Here’s a do: do let me know if you have an Atlanta Pen Show 2015 write-up I missed, so I can link to it here.

Next up, how to explain pointed metal objects to customs officials in three countries. 😉