Odds, ends, and odd ends.

EDCing (everydaycarry-ing) involves tools and ways of carrying them so they’re in easy, immediate reach when needed. You turn up lots of instructive images on Instagram using #everydaycarry. My EDC is less about urban survival and more about art supplies, although I could attempt to poke my way out of a tight spot with a fountain pen.


I resacced an old friend, discovered in an antique shop in Robinsons Manila many years ago. This is Athena the Pen by Maruzen. The Shiro nib is flexible but the years have not been kind. The celluloid body has retained its subtle beauty.


Odd end:
Bungee cords with hooks at the end! An odd end for sure, but useful.


End, and odd end:
The Cameron Waverly pen developed “for the tropics,” where rubber sacs expired with alarming frequency.


Its unique feature was its leaf-shaped nib, a precursor of modern elastic and cutout nibs.


Ends, and beginnings:
These pens found their way to new homes and I thank them for their distinguished service.


Odds and ends:
The Maxpedition Fatty does a good job of securing the supplies that run around with me often: watercolor boxes, pencils, waterbrushes, putty, ArtGraf, a ruler for when I can’t draw a straight line.
I am reconfiguring this pouch now because I found a Dr. Ion case that holds the longer waterbrushes.