Midori MD Cotton, the 5th anniversary notebook.

Even a humble notebook can carry a sense of history. Midori recently released the 5th anniversary edition of its signature notebook, the MD. Called “MD Cotton,” it comes in 4 sizes, with a white cover and sheets, unlike the usual MD Paper in pale cream.


The silky bookmark is white.


In front, the embossed logo says “MD Cotton” instead of “MD Paper.”


The paper has a little more texture compared to the regular run, and the fibers are more obvious to the eye. My torture test for premium paper is my Waterman Pink nib. Fine vintage nibs can drag the fiber out of place, and the gush of ink that comes with added pressure on the downstroke can’t be handled by ordinary paper. Both MD notebooks perform wonderfully. The MD Cotton has a touch more “give” during writing.


Upping the crave factor for notebook junkies, Midori also issued a canvas MD Notebook bag.


There’s a main compartment, plus two pen slots and a pocket on the outside.


The A5 MD notebook is a perfect fit.


A pen, pencil and your smartphone would be a good combination if you want to step out and have a think at a nearby café.


If you want to go full-on gadget, an iPad mini fits neatly inside with some wiggle room, and you can tuck in a stylus instead of a pen. The paper can take light watercolor washes, so I’ve decided to slot in a waterbrush, a Midori brass pencil, and a super-compact Daler-Rowney watercolor travel kit.


Several years ago, Midori released a 5th anniversary edition of their Traveler’s Notebook, which I was lucky enough to snag. Those of us who value our notebooks for the moments they hold can’t help but be drawn to a company that values its time on earth and celebrates it for our continued enjoyment. After all, an anniversary, more than a date, is the first page of the future.