A pen with a sea of clouds.

Never say never. Especially with pens. I didn’t like the Izumo when I first held it. Whine, whine. The thread placement is awkward! Whine, whine. Ooooh pretty sparkly clouds! Mine! (This paragraph pretty much sums up my entire pen purchase philosophy.)

Izumo box

Hello, elegant torpedo.

Platinum Izumo Yagumonuri

I think the philosophy behind Izumo is impressive. It is both origin and destination, as Izumo is the birthplace of Platinum’s founder, and at the same time represents clouds moving heavenward.

Little fluffy clouds

The name of the technique is Yagumonuri. The delicate shading from black to burnt sienna at the top is a result of the technique, which involves translucent layers of urushi.

A Presidential Clip

The clip is the same one used on the President. Its Art Deco lines complement the Izumo’s curves.


The threads in the middle of the section gave me pause in the beginning. I notice them when I first pick up the pen, and then somehow they fade from my consciousness. (Oooooh sparkly clouds.)

A most Presidential nib

The nib says “President.” So there.


Sprinkles of gold, up close, look like a galaxy. Maybe that’s where this elegant torpedo is heading, to the Magellanic Clouds.

Writing sample

As with all Platinum pens I own, the Izumo writes smoothly and reliably. A bit on the boring side, actually. With all those clouds and sprinkle bling on the outside, a staid fine nib keeps this pen grounded.