A pen with a twist.

They say a twist keeps things interesting. “They crash landed on…Earth.” “He was dead all along.” “The dolphins did it.”

If it works for stories, it works for pens.


Nakaya’s Decapod Twist displays the kind of craftsmanship that makes eyes widen in wonder. How did they do that? Does it hurt? Can you eat it?


The heki-tamenuri finish, with the spring green bright and fresh against reddish brown, emphasizes each line and thread, making the twist stand out even more. (Heki-tamenuri has natural variations. See Karlo’s Naka-ai beside this one.)



The pen has a “broad stub” or, more accurately, a broad nib ground into a medium-width stub.


This width means the pen can be a daily note-taker. And why shouldn’t it come out to play everyday? Urushi was meant to protect, not just decorate. For all its aesthetic appeal, this pen is built to be used.




My regular guests will notice that even the pictures have been given a twist, in honor of the subject matter. 🙂 Pictures edited with Repix, one of my new favorite iOS apps.