The Nakaya Piccolo in Titanium.

The Piccolo is possibly Nakaya's best-known canvas for its unique aesthetic. It has been made to look like stone, lacquered to evoke ancient tea ware, covered in sumi and carved with dragons. There are Piccolos with skulls, Piccolos engraved with twining vines and flowers, light pink Piccolos, demon-studded Piccolos, Piccolos sprinkled with iridescent butterflies.

Machining a Piccolo out of solid titanium? Who woulda thunk it?

Nakaya Titanium Piccolo
It is the heaviest Piccolo I have. The others warble, this one needs a subwoofer.
Piccolo cap, close-up
The machine lines are clear, even to a casual observer. The pen displays its origins, just as brush strokes reveal the painter's hand.
Titanium Piccolo, uncapped
The Titanium Piccolo comes standard with a ruthenium-plated nib. This one began its journey as a BB with a massive dollop of iridium. Yoshida-san reground it into a stub and adjusted the feed to keep up with the flow.
BB to stub nib
It is a brooding nib, a fitting counterpart to the rest of the pen.
Another nib close-up
This is probably what the Avengers felt when they first encountered the Silver Surfer.
Piccolo trio
In titanium, with a stub nib, this Piccolo is not a daily writer. It seems to demand portent, or pomp, or national defense legislation. It now wears a maki-e converter with an autumn leaf pattern, but maybe they should be tsuba patterns, or sageo.
Converter inside
I'm glad it came home with me. Don't worry, Titanium Piccolo. I'm sure we will one day sign a document worthy of your heavy metal awesomeness. Until then, we will just doodle.
Writing sample