2013 Fountain Pen Wallpaper.

Download, share and enjoy. These are square to accommodate most gadget screens. Feel free to crop and rotate to fit. Happy New Year!

Titanium on stone.Find the pen in this pictureBamboo on bambooA little music is good for youReal men wear pinkParker Duofold Junior
Robocon and friendNakaya jidai nuri bamboo with bambooNakaya decapod on fallen leafA Nakaya inside a starToday I will write and have teaNakaya elastic music nib meets rust
Platinum soft fine and flowerTaccia SavannaElastic music nib, rustNakaya ruthenium nibNakaya ruthenium nib, take 2Hanging
SimplicityWord by word

2013 Wallpaper, a set on Flickr.