Nibs, meet Lytro.

Click the part of the image you want to focus on. Lytro mojo takes care of the rest. (If no images show up the first time you load, hit refresh.)

Here, two Parker 5th “nibs.” In front, a lady’s Parker 5th with rose gold-colored section and what is, for lack of a better phrase, a nib-shaped felt tip refill cover. Behind it, a guy’s Parker 5th. To see it in focus, click it. The men’s pens come standard with medium nibs, the lady’s pens with fine nibs. Oh, Parker.

Three Waterman nibs. Click each one to focus on it. A Waterman music nib in a shiny black safety, then a Pink nib, then a classic #2 nib in a 52V.

This was hard to do without Blu-Tack. On top, a huge nib in the Edison Huron Grande. Beneath, an Eversharp Gold Seal Flexible nib seems suddenly small. Click to focus.

This image has no nibs in it but has 3 clear focus points (stick, branch, foliage) and lots of greens and browns, which are kind to your eyes.