Moore 72 pen and matching pencil.

In jewelry, this pair would be called a demi-parure. I am dusting off that word and putting it here because the Moore 72 belongs to a time when women had parures and reticules. And tiny hands.

The seller described the pen and pencil as made of plastic, but I think the material is black celluloid. There is a very faint smell that could be camphoraceous. The tops are pearlized plastic, and add Art Deco sleekness to the set.


The pencil is the heavier of the two. Only the pen has an imprint.


The pen comes with Moore’s Maniflex nib. In my experience, Maniflex nibs are not full flex, but semi-flex. This one is no exception.


The set just radiates cuteness. The shiny black surface reminds me of a little girl’s black patent Mary Janes.


Here’s a writing sample.


They make the Nakaya Long Piccolo look like a humongous predator.


I hope I don’t get addicted to collecting sets!