I was very tempted to let the ninja pen slink away in the night after a routine assassination, but decided it would be best to bring it out into the light and help it confront its mystery-riddled past. Most recently, it had hidden itself in an unlacquered wooden Danitrio box and stowed away in the cargo hold of a plane. A pen kimono with a red ribbon provided additional concealment.

Danitrio wooden box

Danitrio calls this pen shape “Mae West” for obvious, curvaceous reasons. I don’t know what a ninja would think of Mae West, or curvaceousness.

Danitrio ninja

I have two other maki-e pens from Danitrio. This one is the most action-packed. There is a ninja on the cap and another on the barrel. Around them swirl red leaves, or highly stylized blood drops. Okay, they’re leaves.

Danitrio ninja

Secret fighting skills and whimsy now come together in one killer writing instrument.

Danitrio ninja

Danitrio ninja

Danitrio ninja

I can’t help but think, every time I write with the ninja pen, that the ninja on the barrel must find my hand a bit of a drag.

Danitrio ninja, gratuitous shot

This is my first EEF (extra extra fine) nib from Danitrio, and out of the box it was a smooth writer with correct flow. The EEF is semi-flex, and easy to control. Unlike ninjas.

Danitrio eef nib

The writing sample is on 90 gsm kraft paper from Clairefontaine.

Danitrio eef nib writing sample

I’d write more, but – wait. Did you hear that rustling sound just outside the door? What the-