A pencil extender?

Yes, a pencil extender. This one is made from a warm green mottled celluloid, with a gold-plated clip and cap trim ring. It came from Japan. (But if I choose to believe the brand name, it came from outer space.)

Pencil extender

The “barrel” is actually the part that holds the pencil. It narrows in diameter near the threads to make a snug fit for most pencils. The pencil here is a Cretacolor Monolith 9B. The Monolith line is woodless – the entire pencil is graphite, with a thin layer of lacquer. The softer grades break easily. This one has been rescued from uselessness. (Or so I’d like to think.)

Pencil extender, open

This pencil extender was designed to be posted. So post I do.

Pencil extender, posted

The celluloid is striking. I wouldn’t mind a Platinum 3776 in this material.

Pencil extender, celluloid close-up

I couldn’t resist showing it beside other pencil extenders. Rightmost is a standard extender from Cretacolor. In the middle, the Midori Brass Pencil – isn’t it so beautiful? I’d break pencils just to be able to use these more often.

More pencil extenders

Pencils.jp is the motherlode of pencil extenders. Not to mention other drool-worthy items. Go on, take a look. Let me know if you get anything. 🙂