A folded pen video.

Because a folded pen isn’t part of the usual arsenal, I thought it deserved its own demo video.

The music is 10 Mile Stereo from Beach House’s Teen Dream.

I promise I will doodle something uplifting and cute with this pen one day. What it inspires is usually dark and alien.

Or Japanese-ish. I have no idea what is happening here, except that there is a dog. Red accents are water-soluble pencil.

Folded pen doodle 1

This is an alien Zen garden. Noodler’s Eel Black is decently waterproof. I added watercolor touches after a few minutes.

Folded pen doodle 2

The Cocktail Party of Good Intentions, with a koi painting on the wall.

Folded pen doodle 3

Pen and Ink Warriors. The red splatters are Noodler’s Samsui Red.

Folded pen doodle 4

This one is the result of too many morning meetings. “You see that rickety bridge that leads to the mouth of Hell?” “Yup.” “Wanna go for a walk?” “Sure.”

Folded pen doodle 5

The ink is Platinum Carbon black. The blood red is Noodler’s Antietam, shading out to Pilot yu-yake.

(Note: Platinum Carbon ink sticks to metal like anything. I wouldn’t use it in a fountain pen. Dip pens, yes.)