Nagahara-san will be at Aesthetic Bay!

I received a note from Mr. Tan the other day about the Sailor Pen Clinic in Aesthetic Bay. So who’s going? 🙂

Customers are allowed to bring any quantities or brands for the nib master to adjust the nib. In the event if the schedule is tight, we will limit 2 pens per customer. The remaining pens will be adjusted later during the lull period. However we are flexible depending on the schedule of the nib Master. If the Master is free, you could have him for the rest of the day <smile>.

Commemorating the event, Sailor has specially commissioned Realo Limited Edition Maki-e Fountain Pens in 4 different designs. The 4 designs are Sakura, Plum, Chrysanthemum and Camellia. Each piece is individually numbered and each design is limited to 28 pieces only. The Master could adjust the nib too.
A thanksgiving evening will be held on the 22 Jan 2010 Friday evening to thank our customers and Sailor team. It will be a good way to get to know the nib master too. There will be alot of interaction among the pen lovers in Singapore and also in the region. It will be fun. Drinks, Wines and food will be served. It is free. Please feel free to attend.
We encourage interested party to register with us so that we could reserve the time slot for you. Please write to us at Please also indicate whether you are attending the thanksgiving evening on the 22 Jan 2010.
Happy New Year!
Fong Kum