This celluloid is called “Lahn.”

Confetti on Moleskine
Confetti on Moleskine

I wonder why it’s called that? Anyway, if Gerry Berg says it, it must be true. Not that I know the man personally, but he seems quite the Sheaffer authority.

Sheaffer WASP "Lahn" celluloid
Sheaffer WASP “Lahn” celluloid

The pen came in a box from TAO, who likes to put surprises in boxes.  WASP means “W.A.Sheaffer Pen,” and I see that a gazillion decades later we in the branding community still heart our acronyms.

WASP – writing sample

No one associates flex nibs with Sheaffer, but this one has a soft, flexible WASP #2 nib. After a smoothing job with Micromesh, the nib is quite the show-off. I’m glad it is. Otherwise it would be the equivalent of a handsome man with no aptitude for conversation.

(Note from 2014: David Isaacson (Vacumania) discovered this material was called Lahn around 2008, on the back of an ad for another Sheaffer! Adding this note for Googlebots to find.)