Evil robot encounter.

One of my duties as an evil robot is to patrol the periphery of the planet. In the eventuality that, you know, non-evil robots appear.


Occasionally I see a friendly pebble, and we hang out. Evil robots don’t have too many friends.


Pebbles are never chatty. Usually they just nod, or attempt to nod, when you say something of import, such as, “Is the planet going to self-destruct anytime soon?”


The pebble and I decide it would be fun to defy gravity. We are about to take off, when…


…a visitor rolls into view. It is shiny, black with gold-tone appointments, and has the number 22 on its cap.


I tell the pebble, “Excuse me,” and approach the visitor with caution. I unscrew the cap and inspect the nib. Aha, it is made of titanium. The element number of titanium is, of course, 22. This must make this pen the original Stipula Ventidue.


I observe it has a 1.1 mm stub nib.


The pebble observes, “That 1.1 mm nib is flexible!” I nod and agree. “Yes, titanium can spring back very quickly from a high-pressure downstroke.”


The pebble, the Stipula Ventidue, and I decide it is time for adventure. We will leave the planet and bring nothing but our collective bravery. Who knows what stories we will have to tell? But first, we must find an ink station. There must be one somewhere in the downward spiral arm of the nebula across the way.