Vintage Pelikan M400, OBB nib.

Three years ago, I didn’t even know oblique nibs existed. Oblique nibs are cut at an angle, rather than straight across like an italic or stub, or rounded like most nibs. There are left-foot and right-foot obliques. I have a old Pelikan M400 with a left-foot OBB nib, an oblique double broad. 

I’m told that modern oblique nibs don’t write like this, and are cut more for the writer’s comfort rather than to produce a calligraphic effect. Never having tried a modern oblique nib, I have nothing to report to the contrary. Pilot released a “smooth” series last year, and the nibs seem to have an oblique cut. I should try one. 

Here’s a writing sample. Yes, it’s a video. Indulge me. I have a new digicam. The music is a snippet from Shugo Tokumaru’s Future Umbrella, from the album Exit.