Moleskine Weekly Diary + Notebook, can you help me?

Hope for the disorganized-in-denial is now available at Fully Booked.

Moleskine has released many diary flavors, from weekly vertical to one day at a time to a special edition with an Italian patent leather cover. (Consumer insight: Shiny cover just might be more visible inside bag stuffed with year-old receipts, three kinds of lip balm and keychains dangling keys to forgotten cabinets.) I didn’t get the special edition. It costs more than three times the regular one, and a shiny cover does not stand a chance amidst all the other shiny things in my bag, like pens.

Moleskine Weekly Diary + Notebook 2008-2009
Moleskine Weekly Diary + Notebook 2008-2009

So I bought this one. The Weekly Diary + Notebook 2008-2009. With the “18 month diary” starburst. It’s thicker than the regular Moleskine. I don’t know what to do with the Address Book Insert, but I am certainly grateful for the Hard Cover. I wrote in it yesterday, using an extra-fine nib, because the paper can’t handle anything broader, or wetter. Please, universe, let this attempt at organizing my life work. I already use Evernote, iCal, the Calendar function in Entourage, and occasionally my assistant, and throwing one more into the stew won’t harm.

Or it might. Who knows? It will be an adventure.