Strange Overtones, with calligraphy.

My intense flirtation with iMovie 08 continues, even if I had to restart the application thrice during editing. I had not realized the mpeg-1 format my Sony Cybershot N50 uses was incompatible with iMovie. Thank the galactic overlords for Visual Hub. It was a simple drag-and-drop from iPhoto (which selfishly imported both jpegs and mpegs from my digicam) to the Visual Hub window. (The hover message on the cancel button is the coolest I’ve seen: “It sure is a tempting button to push, isn’t it?”)

The pens:
Waterman 12 with artist nib
Mabie Todd Swan 3212 with overfeed
Wahl Eversharp woodgrain
Parker Lady Vacumatic
Waterman Hundred-Year Pen
Well Koi
Omas Milord Arco with Mottishaw nib

The paper:
(Mostly) Vergé de France (G. Lalo)
(And a bit of) Rhodia ePure soft journal (a review of which is forthcoming)

Rhodia ePure Soft Journal
Rhodia ePure Soft Journal