My first Nakaya’s first anniversary.

Other women reminisce about first dates. I get the same dreamy smile when I think of my first Nakaya.

I was in Singapore for a creative workshop. I stole time to pass by Aesthetic Bay. The Piccolo Shu Chinkoku refused to let me leave without it. The housoge design, black on red, is to the floral genre what vampires are to mosquitoes. The red itself is hard to photograph, becoming warm or cool depending on available light.

Its nib has changed in character since it came home with me. There’s a belief among fountain pen users that pens adapt to the way you write; looking at these writing samples, a year apart, I believe there’s a case to be made for learning to use it, and the nib learning how I use it.

Nakaya Shu Chinkoku in kimono
Nakaya Shu Chinkoku in kimono, photo by Mike Fallarme
A comparison: Nakaya Writer vs. Piccolo length
A comparison: Nakaya Writer vs. Piccolo length