Playtime with Fabriano.

Thanks to Sketchbooks, I discovered Fabriano. They make paper for artists; toothy for pastels and pencils, faintly textured for watercolors, in blocks and sheets. Two years ago, Sketchbooks featured a Fabriano journal, which I bought and set aside for future playtime.

I am delighted to report that the paper inside is exceptional, and to have a journal that can take wet-in-wet washes from an enthusiastic not-even-amateur is such a wonderful thing! Fabriano Boutique, “luxury design stationery,” doesn’t seem to have the exact same journal, but there are many more drool-worthy objects of paper desire over there.


This is the first time I’ve used gouache and two kinds of fountain pen ink together. I wanted to see how Noodler’s Singapore Sling (Eternal and Bulletproof) reacted with gouache, and added Private Reserve Naples Blue, and then layered Naples Blue over Singapore Sling. The gouache washes were added after the drawings. Naples Blue spreads and shows off just how turquoise it truly is. Singapore Sling is stubborn and keeps to itself.