Before the crowd went madding…

Late last year, Nano came over to be with his sister Duende. He had no clothes. And then when he finally obtained said pieces of stitched-together fabric, they came in the shape of a mint-green terry cloth bird suit. So Nano decided to find an ink bottle to sit on. Here he is, perched on Caran d’Ache Amazon, a vivid green ink from the Colors of the Earth series.
One of the most appropriate actions to take with ink is to put it in a pen. At first, Nano looked down on Conway Stewart Dinkies. “Pah,” he grumbled, “these are mere colorful toothpicks, able only to hold a smudge of ink!” He changed his mind later on when he realized how striking they looked in pictures.
Nano is a Pen Guardian and Consumptive Poet, and he takes his vocation quite seriously. Even in a bird suit.