While Apocalypse Boy sleeps…

Mommy can blog!

Yesterday was Dora Day at the mall. It was also Doomsday for many parents’ spinal columns, as we carried our children high so they could see Dora and Boots and Swiper as they acted out an episode called Best Friends Day and reached Rainbow Rock with the help of Map. Dora is touring the Robinsons malls this Christmas season, and the Dora merchandise is inescapable.

I never forget to be grateful for my above-average (for a Filipina) height, not just because I rarely have to spend on hemming pants. I told my sister that Lucien was quite lucky to have a tallish mom, because otherwise he would have spent an entire afternoon enjoying the backs of people’s heads. He held on really tight to my hair, which acquired a certain stylish scruffiness afterwards, and shrieked and squealed at the songs and dances. An afternoon well worth the neck pain, in my opinion. I just wish I had grown a couple of extra arms for the occasion; we have no pictures of us during the show.